XSym Workshop Program

Workshop website: http://www.lirmm.fr/~bella/XSym/
Normalized program (for information purposes):


XSym 2009 Opening

Session chair: Zohra Bellahsene
Room: Rhône 4


Keynote and short papers

Session chair: Zohra Bellahsene
Room: Rhône 4

  • Web data management on DHTs
    Ioana Manolescu
  • Atomicity for XML Databases (short)
    Debmalya Biswas, Ashwin Jiwane and Blaise Genest
  • Universal XForms for Dynamic XQuery Generation (short)
    Susan Malaika and Keith Wells


Session 1

Session chair: Denilson Barbosa
Room: Rhône 4

  • The XML-Lambda XPath Processor: Benchmarking and Results (long)
    Jan Stoklasa and Pavel Loupal
  • Recommending XML Table Views for XQuery Workloads (long)
    Iman Elghandour, Ashraf Aboulnaga, Daniel C. Zilio and Calisto Zuzarte
  • BPI-TWIG: XML Twig Query Evaluation (short)
    Neamat El-Tazi and H.V. Jagadish
  • On the Efficiency of a Prefix Path Holistic Algorithm (short)
    Radim Baca and Michal Kratky


Session 2

Session chair: Ela Hunt
Room: Rhône 4

  • Optimizing XML Compression (long)
    Gregory Leighton and Denilson Barbosa
  • XML Lossy Text Compression: A Preliminary Study (short)
    Angela Bonifati, Marianna Lorusso and Domenica Sileo
  • From Entity-Relationship to XML Schema: a graph-theoretic approach (long)
    Massimo Franceschet, Donatella Gubiani, Angelo Montanari and Carla Piazza
  • A Data Parallel Algorithm for XML DOM Parsing (long)
    Bhavik Shah, Praveen Rao, Bongki Moon and Mohan Rajagopalan


Session 3

Session chair: Rainer Unland
Room: Rhône 4

  • KSRQuerying: XML Keyword with Recursive Querying (long)
    Kamal Taha and Ramez Elmasri
  • Ordered Backward XPath Axis Processing against XML Streams (long)
    Abdul Nizar and Sreenivasa Kumar P.
  • XPath+: A Tool for Linked XML Documents Navigation (short)
    Paulo Caetano da Silva and Valeria Cesario Times
  • XQuery Full Text Implementation in BaseX (long)
    Christian Gruen, Sebastian Gath, Alexander Holupirek and Marc Scholl
  • An Encoding of XQuery in Prolog (short)
    Jesus Manuel Almendros-Jimenez



Session chair: Ela Hunt
Room: Rhône 4